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030NMA3.25MM (115 PACK)

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Oerlikon DW 312 MMA Electrodes. Stainless and Heat resistant steels.

Rutile coated MMA electrode for joining dissimilar steels and depositing cladding on ferritic steels. The ferritic-austenitic Cr-Ni weld metal contains approximately 50% delta-ferrite and is non-scaling up to 1100 °C. It features high resistance to cracking and is therefore suited to joining difficult-to-weld steels and depositing stress-relaxing buffer layers on crack sensitive base metals. Suitable for welding galvanized steel plates. Fine metal droplet transfer, good fusion of joint faces, finely rippled bead surface, easy slag removal, easy arc striking and restriking.

Welding positions: PA, PB, PC, PF, PE, PF2.