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UltraGrip offers the ideal solution for repairing severely damaged, corroded
or completely shattered pipes in difficult trench conditions.

  • High performance in both water (uti DN600) and gas (uti DN400)
    applications verified through proven Accelerated Aging Tests (AAT).
  • All water contact materials approved for use with potable water (WRAS).
  • Full end load resistance capability at full angular deflection.
  • Eliminates the need for using expensive thrust blocks through proven
    progressive mechanism that accomodates end load forces from internal pressure
    in the pipeline.
  • Wide Tolerance offering "one size per nominal bore" up to DN400
  • Fully pre-assembled product ensures simple and quick onsite installation
    with product easily sliding over pipe.
  • Reversible bolts offer flexibility to operators to select best means of
    installing fittings in applications with restricted access.
  • Rough on site handling is accommodated through Rilsan coating that
    withstands high levels of deformation/impact damage.
  • Intelligent carrier design that ensures gasket and grippers are contained
    within the end ring, ensuring the product arrives on site ready for
    installation on top tolerance pipe.