Easitap & Easiclamp



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Remote EasiTap provides a quick, cost effective method of installing or
replacing service pipe connections whilst under operating pressure.

  • Rilsan Nylon 11 coated with Sheraplex bolts and EPDM gaskets which makes
    it well equipped to withstand any transport, storage, site and corrosion
  • The unique ''''Waffle'' gasket guarantees a first time permanent seal and it
    is suitable for use on cast iron, ductile iron, steel, PVC, and asbestos
    cement (AC) pipes
  • Pipe branch connections can be made whilst the main line remains
    pressurised, and the user need not enter the trench with Viking Johnsons new
    remote placement technology
  • 16bar (230psi) working pressure, 24bar (350psi) test pressure.