Product CodeNamePrice EachQuantity Qty
169RMCGreen 1.4-4.0 Bar

£ excl. VAT (£ inc. VAT)

169RMGOrange 3.5-8.6 Bar

£ excl. VAT (£ inc. VAT)


Spirax BRV2 Pressure Reducing Valves. Various sizes and pressure ratings.

BRV2 series direct-acting pressure reducing valve is designed for use with steam, compressed air and other gases.


  • Compact size, with a single spring mechanism, ideal for small processes

  • Stainless steel valve and seat assembly provides high wear resistance under low load conditions

  • Anti-vibration adjustment handwheel with color indication of control spring range

  • Alloy spring housing with 4 bolts for easy in-line removal, giving access to all internals

  • A bronze bellows version is available for special applications where halide contamination may exist

Supplied with one of three colour coded springs which are identified by the disc located on the adjustment handwheel.

  • Grey For downstream pressure control: 0.14 to 1.7 bar g (2.03 to 24.65 psi g)

  • Green For downstream pressure control: 1.40 to 4.0 bar g (20.30 to 58.00 psi g)

  • Orange For downstream pressure control: 3.50 to 8.6 bar g (50.75 to 124.70 psi g)