Pegler 97 Lockshield Radiator Valve Angles. Made in Brass.

Different sizes available. Select for size & pattern-type in drop-down.

Pattern: CP = Chrome-plated, LS = Lockshield.

Approved to BS2767-10. Designed for use only in an indirect open-vented or sealed water-filled central heating and/or indirect hot water system and for no other purpose.

Must not be used in systems containing liquids or solutions other than water - the only exception is the addition of a proprietary central heating corrosion inhibitor, cleaner or anti-freeze to the system water in accordance with the manufacturer''s instructions.

  • Minimum Operating Pressure: No minimum operating pressure

  • Maximum Cold Working Pressure: 10.0 bar at temperatures up to 120 degrees C

  • Maximum Hot Working Pressure: Not Suitable for Maximum Hot Working Pressure