Rocol Easyline Aersol Cans

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The world’s leading aerosol line marking paint.

EASYLINE Edge is accepted as the ultimate aerosol line marking paint around the world. With a superior paint formulation combined with the precision engineered EASYLINE® Edge applicator, the Edge System is guaranteed to produce the sharpest, brightest and most durable lines on the market.

Available RAL matched colours and fluorescents, EASYLINE Edge is an extremely durable, ‘traffic grade’ epoxy paint ideal for line marking and free hand marking both indoors and out.

  • ‘Traffic-grade’ epoxy paint lasts and lasts.

  • Saves time and money - extended life span and reduced need for re-painting

  • Dries in 10 minutes, easy to apply, no mess, no wastage

  • Highest paint content per can on the market - 20% more than the rest

  • Lowest Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) system on the market today

  • Minimised environmental impact - non harmful to the environment and aquatic life

  • Health and Safety focused – non toxic, non harmful and irritant free formula

  • Aerosol’s are up to 50% stronger, each can is rated at 18 Bar min

  • Utilises a unique propellant system to give consistent superior quality lines throughout the can life

  • Complies with your legal obligations under The European Directive 92/58/EEC

  • Also ideal for stencilling / free hand marking

Typical Applications: Factory layouts and process flows, Car parks, Safety & Danger zones, Warehouse layouts, General demarcation areas, Sports Halls, Playgrounds, Site road markings, Athletics & Sports fields.

Long term marking where need to last up to 2 years