Rawl Plugs, Rawl Bolts and Anchors - Masonry & Plasterboard

When securing heavy loads you will need to make sure the anchors are suitable for the job. With a large range of heavy duty anchor bolts available it is important that you work out which is most suitable for your project and safe for your workplace or home.

Whether you need to put up some cabinets, frames or any other heavy item on an interior or exterior wall, our range of wall plugs fixings is suitable for an array of different materials including plasterboard, brickwork, concrete and stone. Our range of anchors are offered for a variety of load capacities and are manufactured by top trade brands that you can trust for top quality products.

One such brand is Thunderbolt, the original self-tapping anchor that has the power to be used with a whole range of construction material. With a galvanised finish, the Thunderbolts can also last longer in environments that have a corrosive atmosphere such as marine and coastal areas. The self-tapping allows for safer anchorage and installation into a drilled hole, brick masonry, plasterboard walls, or any walls material which makes it fast and simple.

We also stock a wide range of good quality Rawl Plugs and Rawl Bolts, alongside Wall Plugs, Masonry Fixings / Anchor fixings and of course RawlAnchors.