Geocel ALL WEATHER MATE All Weather Sealant. 310ml available in white and clear.

Geocel All Weather Mate is a single component, high performance elastomeric all weather sealant that adheres to most wet and damp surfaces making it ideal for emergency repairs and remedial sealing. Geocel All Weather Mate is mildew resistant, and has a high movement capability.

It is ideal for sealing treated and untreated timber, brick, concrete, plastic, most metals, stone, glass and asphaltic materials in both wet or dry conditions.

  • Adheres to wet or oily surfaces

  • Mildew resistant

  • Stays flexible – will not crack

  • No dirt pick up

  • Exceptional adhesion to vinyl

  • Superior ultraviolet resistance

  • May be painted after 24 hours

  • Can be applied at any temperature

  • Resealable

  • Easy to apply and clean up

  • Long life expectancy