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Engineering Plastics

Working in partnership with Quadrant Plastics, fwb stocks an extensive range of engineering plastics and provides a bespoke cut-to-size service.

Those ranges available off-the-shelf are described below. The various plastics are commonly kept in rods, tubes, sheets and blocks.

Because materials are stored in bulk and must be cut to order we cannot offer this product for sale online. Instead, to discuss your requirements visit the branch locations page for all our contact details.

Product Range

Tivar Plastics

Virgin reprocessed, coloured or modified ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.

Tivar 1000
Very good wear characteristics and outstanding impact resistance at temperatures below 200 Celsius. Excellent machinability

Tivar Eco Green
Lower property material than Tivar 1000 and a lower cost offering excellent price performance for less demanding tasks.

Ertalon and Nylatron
Ertalon and Nylatron

Polyamide materials which in general offer high high mechanical strength and rigidity, high mechancial damping abilities, low surface friction, good electrical insulation, good machinability and good resistance to high energy radiation (gamma and x-ray).

Nylon based materials can absorb water up to 7% when subjected to high humidity or are submerged. This may result in dimensional changes of up to 2% and will dilute materials mechanical properties.

Ertalon 6 SA
A good choice for a general purpose mechanical construction and maintenance grade. Offers a balanced profile of typical characteristics.

Ertalon 6 PLA
Very close to Ertalon 66 SA characteristics but produced from a cast nylon 6 material

Ertalon 66 SA
Similar to Ertalon 6 but with increased stiffness, heat and wear resistance. Impact strength and mechanical damping ability are reduced but this material has improved creep resistance and is well suited for machining in an automatic lathe.

Ertalon LFX
Cast nylon 6 with internal lubrication. Developed for high load, slow moving parts applications (low heat). it offers a reduced coefficient of friction and improved wear resistance.

Nylatron MC901
Modified cast nylon 6 with improved toughness, flexibility and fatigue resistance. An excellent material for gear wheels, racks and pinions.

Nylatron GS
Cast nylon 6 with the addition of molybdenum disulphide to nucleate an improved crystalline structure. It features improves stiffness, hardness and is more dimensionally stable than Ertalon 66 SA but has less impact resistance. Typical applications make use of its improved bearing and wearing characteristics.

Nylatron GSM
As for Nylatron GS this is a cast Nylon 6 with added molybdenum disulphide but the GSM version is of a finer structure. This limits the changes to impact and fatigue resistance inherent in unmodified cast Nylon. Commonly used for gears, sprockets, bearings and sheaves.

Ketron PEEK
Ketron PEEK

A range of materials based on polyetheretherketone resin. It's semi-crystalline structure exhibits a combination of high mechanical properties, temperature resistance and chemical resistance making it a popular plastics material. The material boasts high max allowable service temperatures in air of 250 Celsius continuously or up to 310 Celsius for brief perids. However stiffness decreases and thermal expansion rate increases above the materials' glass transition temperature of 150 Celsius. As such, close tolerance and bearing applications above the transition temperature must be carefully considered.

Ketron 1000
Offers the highest toughness and impact resistance of all Ketron PEEK grades

Ketron GF30
Is 30% glass fibre reinforced to offer higher stiffness, creep resistance and dimensional stability in comparison to Ketron 1000. Useful for structural applications bearing high static loads at elevated temperatures. Not well suited to sliding parts due to surface abrasion by reinforcing glass fibres.

Otherwise referred to as 'bearing grade' Ketron PEEK, formulated with the addition of carbon fibre, PTFE and graphite. This provides excellent tribological properties - low friction, long wear and high pressure-velocity capabilities.

Ertacetal C
Ertacetal C

Copolymer acetal material. In general Nylon is considered better suited to abrasive wear situations but for dimensional stability and electrical insulation Ertacetal is a strong contender. Typical uses include small modulus gear wheels, cams, bearings & seals with small tolerances, valve seats and snapfit assemblies.

Fluorosint 500 PTFE

A material in which industrially produced mica is chemcially included into PTFE. This provides a material with an excellent combination of low friction properties and high dimensional stability, making it ideal for seats and seals.

It's coefficent of linear expansion is comparable to aluminium and is 1/5th that of virgin PTFE. It is also considerably harder, has improved wear characteristics and maintains low frictional properties.

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