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<p>Pactrol "Weather Watcher" 403901.<br/><br/>

The Pactrol "Weather Watcher" automatically adjusts the amount of heat stored
in an off-peak heating installation in response to changes in the

The "Weather Watcher" consists of a heating controller and an outdoor sensor.
The controller switches the heating on via a suitable contactor, for part

of the off-peak hours, ranging from 100% down to 0%. The percentage dependent
upon the control setting and the outside temperature.<br/><br/>

Offering the convenience of being able to adjust all your radiators from a
single control knob. Dynamic automatic adjustment according to weather
conditions maintains optimum comfort conditions. Economy comes as standard,
reduction in consumption can be as much as 30%.<br/><br/>

Can be fitted with ease by a qualified electrician to new or existing
installations. The Pactrol "Weather Watcher" is constructed robustly and
designed to be maintenance free.</p>