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Product Ref: 238AEV

Pactrol WHB2 Water Heater Booster.

Designed to allow up to two hours
additional water heating for consumers using white meter or off peak tariffs.
The consumer can obtain up to two hours heating on day-rate electricity to boost
the hot water reserve as it is required. The timer is set by turning the knob
clockwise giving 2 hours at the max position and pro rata for any intermediate

Can be used to control single or dual heater

Features indicator lamp to indicate the supply is on The control
cannot be left on day-rate supply accidentally and cannot go out of sequence
with the white meter or off peak time clock.

Double insulated
construction meets the general requirements of BS3955. Also meets the
requirements of E.E.C. directive on low voltage equipment. Note: It is not
recommended to mount electrical equipment on metallised surfaces as it can be