KING Sliding Door Gear - Making the Right Choice

21 January 2021

KING Tubular Door Track is manufactured from high quality cold rolled steel strip galvanised to BS 2989. It is available in standard lengths of 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m, 4.0m, 5.0m and 6.0m

At FWB, we stock a wide range of King sliding door gear, including track, brackets, hangers, guides, door stops and more.

When selecting sliding doors, there are a few factors to consider:

Selecting Track Size

The required track size is determined by the weight and/or height of the door. The following guidelines should be followed:

Determining the Weight of your Door

Timber: Typical softwood doors of framed, ledged and braced construction, filled with 16mm tongued, grooved and vee jointed matchboard weigh approximately:

Metal: Due to the variety of materials and construction methods used, metal door weights should be measured using exact calculations.

Determining the Size of your Door

To correctly measure the size of your door, ensure the following:

With the above in mind, the recommended track sizes are as follows:

Track Size 0– load capacity 115kg per leaf and max height of 2700mm

Track Size 1 - load capacity of 200kg per leaf and max height of 3300mm

Track Size 2 - load capacity of 454kg per leaf and max height of 4900mm

For larger and/or heavier doors, please contact our sales department.

Track Dimensions:

Track size


Height (mm)


Width (mm)










16 (1.5mm)








14 (2.0mm)








14 (2.0mm)




Various brackets are stocked, depending on the type of fixing required.

All brackets should be spaced at regular intervals to suit track lengths, but must not exceed 914mm centres (less under arduous conditions).

Closed brackets are supplied for each end of the track runs, and it is important that these are not used as door stops.

It is essential that track joins occur at the centre of the bracket.

Door hangers

A wide range of hangers are available to suit Timber or Metal framed doors.

Fitted with nylon wheels as standard to ensure a quiet operation whilst prolonging track life.

Metal wheels can also be supplied as an option, if preferred.

FWB stock a range of complimentary products such as floor channel, guides and a wide range of ironmongery and hardware to give you project a professional finish.


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