FWB Weekly Roundup

23 September 2019

Welcome back to the FWB Weekly Roundup, our weekly article series filling you in on things going on in the industry and at FWB!

This week, we'll be exploring the water industries Public Interest Commitment (PIC), the lack of hearing protection in the workplace, and the B word (Brexit).

Water Industry Makes Public Interest A Priority

Earlier this year, water companies in England came together to outline a plan to continue and strengthen the work they do for the good of the public, the Public Interest Commitment. The PIC presents each of these companies with five challenging goals for the sector to achieve, to assure that the sector is making meaningful changes to our quality of life.

The five challenges are:

  • Leakage: To triple the rate of leakage reduction by 2030.
  • The Environment: To collectively reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030, and to successfully implement a network of drinking water refill points. This aims to prevent the eequivalent of 4 billion plastic bottles becoming waste in the same time frame.
  • Social Improvement: Firstly, to make water bills affordable for financially vulnerable households, and develop a strategy to end water poverty. Secondly, to achieve 100% commitment to the Social Mobility Pledge.

The PIC is cemented as an integral part of the water industry in England from now on, and that the sector is commited to the bettermet of our environment, and our quality of life.

To read the original article, in full, head to https://www.newstatesman.com/spotlight/investment/2019/09/water-industry-working-public-interest

One Third of Employees Not Provided Hearing Protection

In a recent survey conducted by Specsavers, businesses of all sizes across the UK were asked what hearing protection they were offered. The findings were:

  • Foam Earplugs - 37%
  • Custom Moulded Earplugs - 26%
  • Ear Canal Caps - 21%
  • Flanged Earplugs - 20%
  • Integrated Earmuffs - 18%
  • Banded Earplugs - 17%

It is necessary for employers to protect their employees from exposure to excessive noise and noise-induced hearing loss, under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. Professions such as aircraft ground control and construction work are examples of jobs where employees are exposed to excessive noise. Noise levels at a construction site, for example, can reach up to 120dB. Noise levels exceeding 85dB can damage a workers hearing, or cause permanent hearing loss. It is essential therefore, that the correct hearing protection be provided, and be enforced in the workplace.

According to the HSE, 89,000 workers suffered from work-induced hearing problems in 2015-18, and the number of insurance claims for work-induced hearing loss have increased by 189% in the last three years.

This article was originally published on SHP: https://www.shponline.co.uk/common-workplace-hazards/a-third-of-employees-are-not-provided-with-hearing-protection/

To explore our range of hearing protection, click here: https://www.fwb.co.uk/ppe-amp-workwear/hearing-protection

"Need an outcome on Brexit" warns Liberty Steel

Speaking to Radio 5 Live last week, Sanjeev Gupta from Liberty Steel, which owns steel plants in England and Wales, as well as an aluminium smelting plant in Scotland, said that the industry needs to know what is happening with regards to Brexit, in order to adjust accordingly.

"The whole subject is highly worrisome for everybody. Industry is suffering from the current limbo which we're stuck in. For me the most important thing is we have an outcome quickly and once and for all now, more than which outcome that is"

While we're on the subject of Brexit, we thought we'd re-iterate our Brexit plan, in the height of all the recent uncertainty:

As we draw nearer to our departure from the European Union, there is more and more uncertainty in the marketplace.

There has been a lot of news coverage lately regarding shortages of food and essential medicines; not to mention price hikes in the shops. At FWB, we have worked hard to mitigate the impact of a no-deal Brexit, by ensuring our suppliers have the necessary stocks and supply chain in place to reduce any disruption. We have every confidence that, even in the event of substantial disruption, we will be able to continue to supply our customers.

Whilst we are all hoping for the best with Brexit, we have planned for the worst to ensure our customers are protected.

FWB News

We have a couple of bits of FWB News to share with you this week:

  • We currently have a vacancy for a Warehouse Operative in our Wrexham Branch. This is a full time, Monday-Friday position. If you are interested in applying for the position, or would like further details, please email ginnymaxwell@fwb.co.uk
  • This week William Arthur, from our Truro branch, is celebrating 2 years of service at FWB!

Our Stoke Trade Counter is Once Again Open on Saturdays!

You spoke, and we listened. Due to high demand, we are now opening our Stoke Trade Counter once again on Saturday mornings! Pop in from 8am-12pm for all your tools, fasteners, and other supplies!

Thanks for joining us for this week's FWB Weekly Roundup. Be sure to come back next week for more industry and FWB news.