FWB Weekly Roundup

01 October 2019

Welcome back to the (slightly late) FWB Weekly Roundup, our weekly article series filling you in on all things going on in the industry and at FWB. This week, we'll be exploring insurance claims for tool theft, fundraising efforts by the Polypipe Regatta, and some interesting advances in 3-D printed gloves!

Insurance Claims Costs for Tool Theft from Vans Increases by 55%

According to analysis by ECIC, the cost of insurance claims for tool theft from vans has increase by 55% over the last year. While the number of claims from H1 2019 is approximately the same as the same time last year, the cost of tools stolen this year has already surpassed the total for 2018. The ECIC is warning that locking high value tools in the back of a van is no longer safe enough, as methods such as peel and steal (which involves cutting the side of the van open), are skirting such security measures.

With the average tool theft claim reaching a staggering £2,685, it is clear that thieves are targeting high value items. Contractors are urged not to leave their tools locked in their vans at night where possible, or locked in a secured tool chest inside the van. Other suggestions include parking vans so that rear and side doors are inaccessible. While this does not protect against peel and steal, it does prevent thieves from accessing the van directly. Parking in well lit areas with CCTV, and ensuring that all tools are covered under appropriate insurance (particuarly tools that are hired or belong to employees rather than the company) are also measures that can be taken to mitigate the risks and impact of theft.

Read the original article here: https://phpionline.co.uk/news/insurance-claims-costs-for-tool-theft-from-vans-increase-by-55/?utm_content=buffer8069f&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=CIB+

Polypipe Regatta Raises £8,000 for Charity

Earlier last month, Polypipe held it's 21st annual regatta to raise money for charity. The event saw 465 contestants from across the heating and plumbing sector racing a total of 40 yachts in partnership with chairty Help for Heroes. The team from Grant and Stone; a building materials and supplies merchant, won the event, with a team of former servicemen and women from Help for Heroes narrowly coming in second. Overall, the regatta raised £8,000 for charity!

Over the last 21 years, the Polypipe regatta has raised a staggering £150,000!

Head over to Heating & Plumbing Monthly to read more: https://www.hpmmag.com/news/polypipe-regatta-fundraising-sails-to-8000-total

Jaguar Land Rover Develop 3D Printed Protective Glove

Engineers at Jaguar Land Rover's Gaydon site - one of the largest 3D printing facilities in the UK - have developed a protective glove that could help protect production staff from workplace injuries. The glove is based on a lightweight lattice structure, which is optimised to provide support to remove muscle fatigue, while also being comfortable enough to wear for an eight hour shift.

The company claims that the glove could help protect employees from musculoskeletal disorders - of which there are around 100 - which are thought to account for around 30 percent of workplace injuries that result in time off, and around a third of money paid out in compensation to employees. Following initial trials, the company is now developing a second prototype featuring a polymer foam insert, which can absorb the impact from applied pressure - perfect for employees who fit parts using the palm of their hand.

Read more here: https://www.theengineer.co.uk/jlr-3d-printed-protective-glove/

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