Coronavirus - What You Can Do To Stop It Spreading

07 February 2020

Last week, it was confirmed that two patients in the UK have tested positive for Coronavirus, the new virus which originated in Wuhan, China. In response, the Department of Health and Social Care has launched a national public information campaign to advise the public on how to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

This information campaign covers two key basic hygiene practices that the public should follow:

It is vital that workplaces have suitable hygiene policies in place, and that employees have access to basic hygiene supplies such as handwash, sanitising gel and/or wipes, particularly in restrooms and communal areas. At FWB, we offer numerous solutions to your workplace’s hygiene needs, including Deb hand wash cartridges and dispensers, hand wipes and gels for eliminating germs.

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You can find the full public information campaign on the Government website:

And for all the latest information on Coronavirus, click here: