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25th November 2019

Thinking of Others this Christmas

Christmas is on the horizon, and while it’s a magical time of year for most of us, for others the Christmas season can be a difficult time of year. At FWB, we have a strong commitment to helping others and supporting both local and national charities that mean a lot to us. That’s why this Christmas, we’re supporting four incredible charities.

The Gingerbread Toy Appeal

The Gingerbread Centre is a Staffordshire based charity that provides shelter and personalised support to homeless families, single parents and pregnant women. Since 1977, Gingerbread has done amazing work in providing accommodation, training and support to the most vulnerable families and individuals.

This Christmas, we will be taking part in the Gingerbread Toy Appeal, collecting and donating toys for the many disadvantaged children that Gingerbread deal with every day. We hope that these toys can bring joy to those who need it most this Christmas.

To find out more about Gingerbread, and what you can do to help, visit their website:

The Pawsome Christmas Appeal

It’s not just people that can find themselves without a home this Christmas. Every year, tens of thousands of dogs and cats are abandoned by their owners in the UK. Charities like Alsager Animals in Need and Staffordshire City Dogs Homes that take these animals in, care for them and try to find them a new home.
The Christmas season is tough for charities like these, as more pets are abandoned at Christmas than any other time of year. To help, we will be collecting donations from the 25th of November to the 13th December to try to ease the burden on these great charities. We’ll be taking donations of food, blankets, toys, treats and more to give the animals a magical Christmas!

Alsager Animals in Need:

Staffordshire City Dogs Homes:

Christmas Jumper Day

This year, we will be taking part in National Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children. On Friday, 13th December our staff will be wearing their Christmas jumpers, ties and T-shirts to spread the Christmas spirit!

Each item of Christmas clothing worn will contribute £2 in donations to the wonderful Save the Children campaign. Feel free to wear your Christmas attire too while visiting our trade counters to share in the Christmas cheer!


Big-In Weather Essentials

18th November 2019

Big-In Weather Essentials Now Live

​Be Prepared whatever the weather!

Our Big-In Weather Essentials promotion is now live! From now until 31st January 2020, grab some great offer on some great products essential for the cold, wet and dark days and nights ahead this winter!

Don't miss out:





13th November 2019

Coming Soon! Our New Catalogue & Website

A couple of weeks ago, we announced that in early 2020 we will be launching a new product catalogue, alongside a fresh new website! A comprehensive product catalogue is something we've wanted to do for a while now, and our team is working hard to make it the biggest and best it can be. The FWB catalogue will feature a huge number of products from all of our core ranges, all in one place! It will also feature helpful tips and guides, such as safety rating guides, useful tables and information on other services we offer, such as face fit testing and our logo service.

​With our new catalogue will also come a brand new website. The new site will have a very fresh look and feel, with some improved features such as customer log-in and the ability to fill out an account application online! The products on offer online are also being refreshed to match those in our new catalogue, so everything on offer in our catalogue will be available online (with the exception of steel product).

It's a really exciting time at FWB, for us and for our customers. We cannot wait to share what we have been working on with you, and will have some previews to show on our social media channels in the coming weeks.

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New Racking

25th October 2019

Wrexham Branch Gets New Warehouse Racking

This week, our Wrexham branch has had new racking installed in our steel bay. We're very happy with the result, which refreshes the look of the steel bay and gives us more storage space.

​Now we just need to fill it!

14th October 2019

FWB Weekly Roundup - 14th October 2019

Welcome back to the FWB Weekly Roundup, our weekly article series where we discuss the big things happening in the industry, and at FWB. This week’s topics include efforts to remove fossil fuels from steel production, corded vs cordless power tools, and some long service achievements for our employees.

A Greener Steel Industry Not Quite in Reach, Yet

With the proposed acquisition of British Steel by Ataer Holdings progressing, the Turkish company are looking to make the harmful gases spewed out by the Scunthorpe plant a thing of the past.

As reported by the Financial Times, the steel industry currently accounts for 7 to 9 percent of all direct emissions from fossil fuels, with each tonne of steel produced also producing 1.83 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The reason for this is down to the way in which steel is made. This process involves extracting iron from it’s ore in blast furnaces of up to 1,200 degrees Celsius. This process is completed using a carbon-rich form of coal known as Coke (no, not the drink). The main by-product of this reaction therefore, is carbon dioxide.

A number of European steelmakers are exploring the possibilities of a new, environmentally friendly steelmaking process known as Hydrogen Steelmaking. The process simply replaces Coke with Hydrogen, resulting in the main by-product being water rather than carbon dioxide. Ataer plan to follow suit, and reportedly have plans to eventually implement this process in British Steel as well.

Unfortunately, hydrogen steelmaking is still in its infancy, and is expected to take 10-20 years, and costs are estimated to be 60 to 90 percent more than existing methods. Regardless, there is an ambition to make hydrogen steelmaking a successful, cost-efficient way of reducing the emissions from one of the biggest polluting sectors as soon as possible.

Financial Times

Are Cordless Tools the Future of Building Sites?

Over the last few years, cordless tools have gone leaps and bounds in terms of their power, flexibility and availability on the market. Many tools manufacturers nowadays, including Bosch, Makita and Ryobi, now offer cordless tools with cross-compatible batteries, allowing tradesmen to lighten the load of their tools by using one battery for multiple tools.

Despite the growing popularity of cordless tools, particularly in the household, corded tools have generally been considered the better option in the trade. Corded tools are more powerful, don’t run out of power in the middle of a job, and can cost less than cordless alternatives. Recently however, cordless tools have been catching up in terms of the power they can offer. Toolstop have shared the advantages and disadvantages of corded vs cordless tools:

Corded Tools – The Advantages

· Corded tools never run out of power, as they are constantly connected to a mains power supply or transformer

· Extremely high power output

· Typically, lighter than cordless tools

Corded Tools – The Disadvantages


· Corded tools can be time-consuming to set up, particularly when dealing with transformers

· Workers may not always have access to a power supply on-site


Cordless Tools – The Advantages

· There are no cables to restrict your movement

· The batteries can be used for many different tools

· Newer technology, such as 36V and 54V batteries mean cordless tools can be just as powerful as corded tools

· No cables to get tangled or damaged

· Easy to set up (No transformers)

· Can be used anywhere, no need for a nearby power supply


Cordless Tools – The Disadvantages

· Batteries can run out of power quickly. It is essential to ensure they are charged before a job

· Batteries can take a while to charge

· Batteries, particularly the newer 36V and 54V variants, can be expensive

While cordless tools offer more flexibility and less fuss in the workplace, corded tools offer more reliability and allow for constant use without the worry of running out of power. Only time will tell which of the two will come out on top in a few years. Let us know what you think: Will cordless be king of the site, or will corded remain a mainstay in your kit?

Read the original article from Toolstop here.


FWB Team Members Celebrate Long Service Achievements

Once again, this week some members of our team are celebrating long service achievements at FWB:



Please join us in congratulating Errold, Glyn, Steph and Glyn on their long service, and thank them for all of their hard work!

Thank you for joining us this week. Be sure to follow us on social media to keep up with all things FWB!





7th October 2019

FWB Weekly Roundup - 07/10/2019

​Welcome back to the FWB Weekly Roundup, the weekly article series where we fill you in on the big things happenig at FWB and in the industry! Today, we'll be exploring a new bid for British Steel, and talking about Forklift Safety Month!

Chinese Firm, Jingye, Express Interest in British Steel

A few weeks ago, we discussed the emergence of a bid from Turkish holding firm Ataer, for the acquisition of British Steel. Andrea Leadsam, Business Secretary, spoke to the Grimsby Telegraph to express her excitement for the offer, and what it could mean for the employees of the Scunthorpe steelworks. You can find this article here:

Since these talks began however, a new interested party has emerged: Chinese firm Jingye. The group, which first expressed interest in British Steel soon after it's financial collapse, has reportedly approached the UK Government in a bid to buy the Scunthorpe works, despite the fact that the government had previously offered Ataer an exclusivity deal as it finalised it's offer. Ataer is reported to have offered £70m for control of the firm.

The emergence of a second bidder for the steel firm could bring reassurance to the 4,000 members of staff at British Steel on the security of their jobs, and of the industry in the area.

Click here to read the original article on Grimsby Live:

Forklift Safety Month

October is Forklift Safety Month, which is designed to highlight the risks involved in operating a forklift truck, and the importance of following the correct procedures when driving, to minimise the risk of an accident happening. In a bid to raise awareness of the dangers forklift trucks can present, ZoneSafe have highlighted some key facts regarding forklift safety:

In order to prevent so many injuries, ZoneSafe offer the following tips:


​To see the whole list, you can find the original article here:

FWB Employees Celebrate Long Service

This week three of our FWB employees are celebrating long service achievements:

Please join us in congratulating Sarah, Tony and Daniel on their long service, and thank them for their continued hard work!

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1st October 2019

FWB Weekly Roundup - 01/10/2019

​Welcome back to the (slightly late) FWB Weekly Roundup, our weekly article series filling you in on all things going on in the industry and at FWB. This week, we'll be exploring insurance claims for tool theft, fundraising efforts by the Polypipe Regatta, and some interesting advances in 3-D printed gloves!

Insurance Claims Costs for Tool Theft from Vans Increases by 55%

According to analysis by ECIC, the cost of insurance claims for tool theft from vans has increase by 55% over the last year. While the number of claims from H1 2019 is approximately the same as the same time last year, the cost of tools stolen this year has already surpassed the total for 2018. The ECIC is warning that locking high value tools in the back of a van is no longer safe enough, as methods such as peel and steal (which involves cutting the side of the van open), are skirting such security measures.

With the average tool theft claim reaching a staggering £2,685, it is clear that thieves are targeting high value items. Contractors are urged not to leave their tools locked in their vans at night where possible, or locked in a secured tool chest inside the van. Other suggestions include parking vans so that rear and side doors are inaccessible. While this does not protect against peel and steal, it does prevent thieves from accessing the van directly. Parking in well lit areas with CCTV, and ensuring that all tools are covered under appropriate insurance (particuarly tools that are hired or belong to employees rather than the company) are also measures that can be taken to mitigate the risks and impact of theft.

​Read the original article here:

Polypipe Regatta Raises £8,000 for Charity

Earlier last month, Polypipe held it's 21st annual regatta to raise money for charity. The event saw 465 contestants from across the heating and plumbing sector racing a total of 40 yachts in partnership with chairty Help for Heroes. The team from Grant and Stone; a building materials and supplies merchant, won the event, with a team of former servicemen and women from Help for Heroes narrowly coming in second. Overall, the regatta raised £8,000 for charity!

Over the last 21 years, the Polypipe regatta has raised a staggering £150,000!

Head over to Heating & Plumbing Monthly to read more:

Jaguar Land Rover Develop 3-D Printed Protective Glove

​Engineers at Jaguar Land Rover's Gaydon site - one of the largest 3D printing facilities in the UK - have developed a protective glove that could help protect production staff from workplace injuries. The glove is based on a lightweight lattice structure, which is optimised to provide support to remove muscle fatigue, while also being comfortable enough to wear for an eight hour shift.

The company claims that the glove could help protect employees from musculoskeletal disorders - of which there are around 100 - which are thought to account for around 30 percent of workplace injuries that result in time off, and around a third of money paid out in compensation to employees. Following initial trials, the company is now developing a second prototype featuring a polymer foam insert, which can absorb the impact from applied pressure - perfect for employees who fit parts using the palm of their hand.

​Read more here:


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23rd September 2019

FWB Weekly Roundup - 23/09/2019

Welcome back to the FWB Weekly Roundup, our weekly article series filling you in on things going on in the industry and at FWB!

This week, we'll be exploring the water industries Public Interest Commitment (PIC), the lack of hearing protection in the workplace, and the B word (Brexit).

Water Industry Makes Public Interest A Priority

​Earlier this year, water companies in England came together to outline a plan to continue and strengthen the work they do for the good of the public, the Public Interest Commitment. The PIC presents each of these companies with five challenging goals for the sector to achieve, to assure that the sector is making meaningful changes to our quality of life.

The five challenges are:

The PIC is cemented as an integral part of the water industry in England from now on, and that the sector is commited to the bettermet of our environment, and our quality of life.

To read the original article, in full, head to


One Third of Employees Not Provided Hearing Protection

In a recent survey conducted by Specsavers, businessesof all sizes across the UK were asked what hearing protection they were offered. The findings were:

It is necessary for employers to protect their employees from exposure to excessive noise and noise-induced hearing loss, under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. Professions such as aircraft ground control and construction work are examples of jobs where employees are exposed to excessive noise. Noise levels at a construction site, for example, can reach up to 120dB. Noise levels exceeding 85dB can damage a workers hearing, or cause permanent hearing loss. It is essential therefore, that the correct hearing protection be provided, and be enforced in the workplace.

According to the HSE, 89,000 workers suffered from work-induced hearing problems in 2015-18, and the number of insurance claims for work-induced hearing loss have increased by 189% in the last three years.

​To explore our range of hearing protection, click here:

This article was originally published on SHP:

"Need an outcome on Brexit" warns Liberty Steel

​Speaking to Radio 5 Live last week, Sanjeev Gupta from Liberty Steel, which owns steel plants in England and Wales, as well as an aluminium smelting plant in Scotland, said that the industry needs to know what is happening with regards to Brexit, in order to adjust accordingly.

"The whole subject is highly worrisome for everybody. Industry is suffering from the current limbo which we're stuck in. For me the most important thing is we have an outcome quickly and once and for all now, more than which outcome that is"

While we're on the subject of Brexit, we thought we'd re-iterate our Brexit plan, in the height of all the recent uncertainty:

As we draw nearer to our departure from the European Union, there is more and more uncertainty in the marketplace.

There has been a lot of news coverage lately regarding shortages of food and essential medicines; not to mention price hikes in the shops. At FWB, we have worked hard to mitigate the impact of a no-deal Brexit, by ensuring our suppliers have the necessary stocks and supply chain in place to reduce any disruption. We have every confidence that, even in the event of substantial disruption, we will be able to continue to supply our customers.

Whilst we are all hoping for the best with Brexit, we have planned for the worst to ensure our customers are protected.

FWB News

​We have a couple of bits of FWB News to share with you this week:

- We currently have a vacancy for a Warehouse Operative in our Wrexham Branch. This is a full time, Monday-Friday position. If you are interested in applying for the position, or would like further details, please email
- This week William Arthur, from our Truro branch, is celebrating 2 years of service at FWB!

Our Stoke Trade Counter is Once Again Open on Saturdays!

You spoke, and we listened. Due to high demand, we are now opening our Stoke Trade Counter once again on Saturday mornings! Pop in from 8am-12pm for all your tools, fasteners, and other supplies!

Thanks for joining us for this week's FWB Weekly Roundup. Be sure to come back next week for more industry and FWB<

16th September 2019

FWB Weekly Roundup - 16/09/2019

Welcome to this week's Weekly Roundup, our weekly article series filling you in on all things going on in the industry and at FWB. This week it's all about FWB, and some exciting things we've got going on!


New Clearance Section Now Live!

Last week, we launched a brand new Clearance section on our website! Full of items from Pipeline, Tools, Fasteners, PPE, Electrical and Janitorial supplies, there are plenty of bargains to be had!

The items featured in our clearance section are limited in quantity, so when they're gone, they're gone! Make sure you don't miss out on a great buy. What's more, we will be adding new products to our clearance every few weeks, so check back often to stay up to date with what we have on offer.

You can find our clearance section here:


Ebay Store Coming Soon!


We also announced last week that we will soon be launching a brand new eBay store!

While we don't currently have a launch date to share, we are very excited to get this store up and running so we can offer even more great product at great prices. To get all the latest news about our upcoming eBay launch, make sure to follow us on social media:





Audit Success in Wrexham


We are thrilled to announce that FWB Products Limited has recently passed a BSI Quality Management System audit in our Wrexham branch. The team are thrilled with the result, which confirms our colleagues' commitment to good working practises and high standards!

​We would like to express a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in the process. Keep up the great work!


Megan Gaskell Joins FWB as Junior Buyer


We are happy to announce that Megan Gaskell is joining the team this week as a Junior Buyer in our purchasing department. We wish to welcome Megan to the team, and wish her the best of luck in her new role!



Tools and Fasteners Essentials - Two Weeks Left!


With only two weeks left in September, time is running out to get your hands on some great offers from our Tools and Fasteners Big-In Essentials promotion. Browse from a range of big name brands such as Bosch, Dormer Pramet, Tyrolit and more.

​Visit our essentials offer here, and remember, you only have until the 30th of September:


Thank you for joining us for another weekly roundup. We'll see you next week!





10th September 2019

FWB Weekly Roundup - 10/09/2019


FWB Weekly Roundup 10/09/2019

Welcome back to the FWB Weeky Roundup, our weekly article series filling you in on all the latest industry news!

This week, we'll be taking a look at the sale of a division of British Steel, DIY procrastination, and just how important safety is when working at height.


York division of British Steel Sold to French-based Group


TSP Projects, an engineering firm founded in York in 1987, has been sold by the Official Receiever to the UK subsidiary of the French-based Systra Group. Reported by the BBC, the sale is said to have no impact on the sale of the remainder of British Steel, which is reportedly due to be sold to the Turkish Ataer Holdings group.

​With offices in Manchester, Birmingham, Reading and Bristol, TSP Projects has been involved in a number of major rail projects, including Leed's Railway Station's roof and concourse, and the Transpennine rail route upgrade. The company is also involved in the energy from waste, security and construction industries.

​The original article can be found at:


Wales Named Biggest DIY Procrastinator

In a recent survey conducted by MoneySupermarket, the situations in which most Brits are most likely to tackle a DIY job themselves, rather than hiring a professional, have been revealed.
The survey revelead that over half of the British population regularly avoid completing DIY tasks around the home, with Wales having the highest level of "DIY Procrastination". It is reported that 68% of people in Wales regularly avoid completing DIY tasks.

The top five DIY tasks that Brits are most likely to tackle themselves, and the five they are most likely to hire a professional for, were also revelead.

​The top five tasks that Brits are most likely to tackle themselves are:


The top five tasks that Brits are most likely to hire a professional for are:


The Risks of Working at Height

​In an article writted for SHP Online by Professor Andrew Sharman, the risks of working at height, and just how seriously those risks are considered in practice are revealed.

Falling from height is one of the most common causes of hospital admission in the UK, USA and other developed countries. It is also in the top ten causes of accidental death for most of these countries. Sharman points out, that it is not just ordinary workmen who are suffering from these accidents, as both Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, famous Hollywood actors, have been injured from a fall from height in the workplace in just the last twelve months. It is curious therefore, if falls from height are such a common cause of injury and/or death, why attitudes towards working at height have not developed to truly see the risks for what they are: life threatening.

In the article, Professor Sharman, explores the reasons why these accidents still occur so regularly. One key factor identified is the lack of thorough risk assessment. In each case study explored, which included a 23 year old bartender falling through a cellar hatch, a worker in Pakistan falling from a crane, and a worker plunging into the North Sea as a result of his access rope being severed, it was found that the risk assessment carried out in each case was lacking at best.
Other key factors identified include the misinterpretation of rules and guidelines, and worker's attitudes.
The article is a very interesting read, and emphasises how important it is to consider all aspects of safety when working at height, and to assess each job individually as the risks may differ depending on the job, location and conditions of the work environment. To find out more, read the original article at:

Thank you for joining us for the FWB Weekly Roundup. Be sure to come back next week!



1st August 2019

Your Electrical Essentials!

NEWS - Electrical feature leaflet

Our brand new Big In Essentials brochure is out now, this time showcasing our core electrical range with products from leading brands like Siemens, Defender & Goodlight. Everything from automation and control, to lighting and installation materials, we have all your electrical essentials this August at FWB. Browse the range below:

What’s more? Get FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY on orders over £50*

For any specific requests, call our expert sales team on 01782 744 333.

*T&C’s apply. This promotion runs from 1st August – 31st August 2019.



5th July 2019

Wrexham Supplier Day Event

NEWS - Wrexham Supplier Day Event

Another brilliant day over at our Wrexham branch on Thursday and the sun definitely had his hat on!

We had a great turn out and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the demonstrations from Tyrolit. Guests had the rare opportunity of being able to ask questions direct to suppliers, as well as the support from the FWB team. As with the event at Stoke, it turned to be a great networking opportunity for all involved and has made us all the more determined to hold more events of a similar nature in the near future.

Again, on behalf of FWB, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone that attended the event and to our suppliers that worked hard to make it a brilliant day for everyone.

It was certainly a fantastic end to our Supplier Event Week.



2nd July 2019

Stoke Supplier Event Day

NEWS - Stoke Supplier Event Day

We had a fantastic day on Monday here in Stoke at our Supplier Event Day.

It was a great opportunity for those that attended to speak directly with some of our best suppliers for top advice and answers to their questions. We received great feedback from our guests, which has made us more excited to repeat the event at our Wrexham branch on Thursday. The FWB staff thoroughly enjoyed speaking with some of our guests and it turned out to be a fantastic networking event for all involved.

On behalf of FWB, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone that attended the event and to our suppliers that worked tirelessly throughout the day to make the event a great day for everyone.

Hopefully the rain will hold off for us in Wrexham!



1st July 2019

Your Workwear & PPE Essentials

NEWS - Your Workwear & PPE Essentials

New month, new feature! This month have released our new Workwear & PPE feature leaflet, showcasing our core range of products. We have fantastic offers on top branded products like Dickies, Polyco, 3M, Alpha Solway, Stanley & many more. Whatever the industry, here at FWB we have you covered from head to toe this July!

What’s more? Get FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY on orders over £50*

For any specific requests, call our expert sales team on 01782 744 333.

*T&C’s apply. This promotion runs from 1st July – 31st July 2019.



9th April 2019

NEW 'Big in Essentials' is here!

NEWS - New Big in Essentials is here!

We’re proud to announce the launch of the new Big In Essentials brochure!

The new brochure is packed full of heavily discounted prices on fantastic leading brand products, including as Teng, Bosch, George Fischer, Bauer and CAT, to name just a few.

The promotion runs from April through September, but be sure to take a look early while stocks last!



1st March 2019

Did you know FWB are experts in Industrial Pipe & Fittings?

FWB has over 55 years’ experience in providing our customers with a comprehensive range of Industrial Pipeline products. Our range of both leading brand and outstanding quality non-branded products includes: